Although first registered with the UKC back in 1927, the breed has never been recognised by the American Kennel Club or the Kennel Club in the UK. The reason for this is that English Shepherd Club members voted with an overwhelming majority (95 per cent) against registration with these bodies as they did not want the English Shepherd to turn into a dog that was bred specifically for the show ring. They wanted the breed to remain as working dog and so it continues to be registered with the UKC and the English Shepherd Breed Club. The English Shepherd was known by many names including Farm Shepherd, Barnyard Collie, Cow Dog and Old Fashioned Shepherd.  Queen Victoria owned two old style ‘collies’ who were very similar to the Black and Tan English Shepherds of today.

The English Shepherd has often been described as America’s best utility dog.

Collie Family Tree

This tree shows historic relationships between contemporary collie breeds. This is of course a simplified form; there have been other, lesser influences from time to time. Also, many breeds other than collie breeds have descended from the Roman cattle dogs, herding spitzes, Celtic dogs, etc.. This tree only shows the collie and collie-related breeds, which have the old working collie of Great Britain as their primary ancestor.Slide 1