Is an English Shepherd Right for Me?

These beautiful, active dogs came into being as farm dogs and as such they thrive best when they have a job to do. Their job could be as simple as being a family companion, participating in dog sports or as complex as working on a farm or search and rescues. They bond tightly to their owners and are often referred to as “English Shadows” because of their love for being close to their families. Put simply if you are in the shower, it’s likely you’ll find your ES on the bathmat!

As a result of this close bond, what most ES dogs will find difficult is being left alone for extended periods. Of course there are many ways to make life easier – dog walkers, doggy daycare – but if everyone in the household is out working 40 hours a week it’s likely that this is possibly not the breed for you. All the ES breeders in the UK will be able to advise you on whether or not these active dogs will suit your needs.

On the whole, they are fairly good with other dogs, although some can be a little bossy and intolerant. We would recommend that if you are planning to add an ES to your furry family that you bring them to meet us. They live in harmony with cats and other small animals and have a particular affinity with children.