What Does an English Shepherd Look Like?

AdamClassed as a medium-sized dog, the breed is described in the UKC Breed Standard as “presenting a picture of sturdy balance and harmonious proportions”. It is said that they still retain many of the features of the early shepherd dogs, such as the broad head and varying ear and tail length.

This is an alert looking breed with an intelligent face and a strong physical make-up that allows them to perform their working and livestock duties with maximum efficiency. They have a medium length, weather resistant coat and can be black and tan, tricolour (black, tan, and white), black and white, and sable and white. Check out our photo gallery to view the beautiful range the ES has.

Height ranges between 46-61 cms (18-24 ins) with males being larger than females. The only inherited condition to be aware of with this breed is hip dysplasia and all the UK breeding lines are hip scored.