About the Breed

What is an English Shepherd?

Despite the “English” in their name, the breed is currently almost entirely unknown in the UK. They are incredibly rare dogs with just over 100 currently registered here and they can be found in every corner of the UK. They can be seen competing in agility, flyball, working as search and rescue dogs and even as the poster dogs for renowned pet brand Hurtta.

It was the USA that was largely responsible for preserving the breed after the Border Collie became the herding dog of choice in the UK, however around the time of the Second World War, numbers started to decrease. There were several reasons for this but it can be chiefly attributed to the decline of the family farm, which reduced the need for this sturdy and reliable farm worker.

However, it is this family farm dog heritage that accounts for the percentage of ‘throwback’ English Shepherds who join our community each year but more about them later!

What Does an English Shepherd Look Like?

Working Characteristics

Is an English Shepherd Right For Me?

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