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Annan One of the pups from Adam and Eve’s first litter (3rd November 2008), Annan is now 6 years old and has her own opinions on everything.  Childcare (hair brushing and toboganning are two things which humans have NO idea about where children are concerned), squirrels (I’m deaf, I’m deaf, I’m deaf) and labradors (I […]


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Welcome to Eureka, our first pack member from mainland Europe!  Eureka lives in Limoges, France and at the time of writing (March 2012), she is 2 years old. Eureka comes from Tish Toren in the USA and is a shining example of the English Shepherd; intelligent and well mannered.


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Apple was my pick of the litter from the first litter who I was going to keep but decided to let her work with Helen.  Helen says she is the best dog she has ever had, great with children, dogs, cats and her sheep.  Apple’s hips are 4:3=7*. Jackie Graves The photo to the right […]


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Why an English Shepherd?  Well, actually, I’ve no idea.  The plan was, if another dog was coming into my life, it was going to be a Border Collie/Working Sheepdog and it was going to be predominantly “white”. So, off we go to Lune Valley Obedience show in August 2010.  My wife was competing in Novice […]


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Eve of Edenvillage The only true tricolor in the UK at present, Eve has tested MDR1 Normal/Normal and has an excellent hip score.  Her abiility as a mother cannot be faulted after a first litter of 11 pups, all healthy from the very start and still thriving 14 months later. Not content with her own […]