All pups are now sold and the next planned litter is heavily subscribed. We'll post more news here as it comes in.

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We are a passionate, dog-loving community and we’d like to tell you about our fantastic dogs who are English Shepherds.

Have you ever wished for a dog that was a little more mellow in temperament than a Border Collie – one that shared the same intelligence and drive without the obsessive nature? If so, the English Shepherd, a strong and versatile farm dog, renowned for both their loyalty and versatility might just be the dog for you.

Our English Shepherds excel in dog sports such as flyball and agility as well as making superb working dogs, indeed there are English Shepherds in the UK working as search and rescue and police support dogs.

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  • The English Shepherd’s True Origins – England

    Some English Shepherd fanciers make the statement that theirs is a purely American breed created from the Scotch Collie, however history shows that this breed existed long before the American breed by this name and that it’s true origins are not the Scotch Collie at all but in the original sheep dogs of England….

  • Best Dog in California

    Excerpt from The American Stock Journal: Vol 1 Published in 1860 A Shepherd’s Dog. —A friend of ours who owns a large ranch and several hundred head of sheep, is the fortunate possessor of one of the best dogs in this State. The intelligent creature was brought up among the sheep, nourished upon ewes’ milk, his whole life […]

  • English Shepherds in the UK

    All dog breeds were selectively bred for a reason, by humans, for humans. There are dogs for every specialist job from independently patrolling vast areas of land to sitting on people’s laps to keep them warm. The English Shepherd dog was bred to be an all-rounder for a farmer with a family; to herd, guard, […]

  • Betty and Stan are parents!

    Betty and Stan are proud parents to a litter of 12 puppies. There are 8 males and 4 females and Mum and babies are doing well. Puppies due to leave around Christmastime. Please contact Jamie if interested, via email at Health Tests: Hips Total 9, MDR1 N/N, Eyes clear. Health Tests: Hips Total 9, MDR1 N/N, […]

  • New puppies!! Ready mid-December 2013

    10 gorgeous English Shepherd puppies were born 27th Oct 2013 and are due to go to new homes in mid-December 2013. We still have a couple of pups available. Prospective owners should email us asap at Please visit and for more info. Click any one of the images below to view them […]

  • Pups Ready Now!! March 2013

    Our lovely puppies arrived 28th Jan and are due to go to new homes in just over a week. We still have a couple of pups available.  Why not have  look on our site: Although currently residing in Scotland, these lovely lads and lasses will come down as far as Leeds for any prospective owners […]